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Greetings, Guest Current Nova Crystal exchange rate: 200,315 : 1 Year 19 Day 179, 19:30:39 CGT
Satunda, Nelona 33
Pilots wanted!: !Pilots wanted!

Centrepoint Station acts as a trading centre for all beings and groups within the Galaxy. We do not support either side in the current conflict, therefore all are welcome to set foot on our decks.
We offer many facilities and services, from accommodations to provide a long term outpost for some groups, with storage facilities and docking bays, to the would be Bounty Hunter, Stalking his prey and in need of rest or a place to gather, and gain, his resources.

Centrepoint Space Station offers the gateway to the Outer Rim...conveniently located in the Sedri and Ottega System.
If you've ever wanted to travel through the Galaxy with style, earn some cash, and just have fun, then Centrepoint is for you!
We offer first class facilities for guests and staff alike, while entertaining some of the wildest and strangest beings. It`s the rarest chance to join the most exotic station/faction ever, and see the galaxy in style!
You can do all these this and more by hiring on as a cargo captain, delivering cargo to the very edge of the galaxy, flying support for our stations and coming come back, and sharing the tales of your adventures!
Monthly payment of 3,000,000 credits included!

Send your personal data sheet and written application to Guybrush Threepwood via darkness-message right now!
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