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Greetings, Guest Current Nova Crystal exchange rate: 246,120 : 1 Year 25 Day 239, 10:07:03 CGT
Satunda, Melona 18
Year 11 Day 232
  • Introduction of the Value Variation feature for testing purposes. Special Thanks to Lilith Delcroix for the images!

Year 10 Day 200
  • Desctiption updates now correctly display linebreaks.

Year 9 Day 285
  • User's listings now have Sale/Auction/Silent Auction[/Production Listing] filters.

Year 9 Day 256
  • Added more information to profile pages of users on the thieves/scammers list.

Year 9 Day 249
  • Facilities display an icon in their information box if they produce income.

Year 9 Day 240
  • Listings now show how many users have it on their watchlist.
  • Fixed an error where your feedback % wasn't shown correctly in the right-hand menu (thanks to Todor Ginchev).

Year 9 Day 239
  • Added watchlist images (thanks to Azarin Isard).

Year 9 Day 228
  • Watching listings is now implemented. You can currently watch up to 20 listings (will be changeable in the future).

Year 9 Day 225
  • Moved "Add Listing" link to the right-hand personal menu.

Year 9 Day 224
  • Implemenation of ToTos, the Centrepoint Marketplace's reward programme. At this time, only one way to earn them is implemented: leaving feedback.
  • Personal Stats block added to left-hand menu.

Year 9 Day 191
  • Feedbacks on profile pages are now linking to the listing they relate to.

Year 9 Day 172
  • Production Listings:
    • Available only to faction accounts.
    • Allows factions to create one listing that automatically relists itself up to 99 times.
    • Allows buyers to buy the same listing multiple times at once.
    • Users with "Can Sell" access to the faction account can renew the listing when or before it has run out of stock.
  • Special thanks to Ryan Roche for creating the "Production Listing" and "Recently Sold" icons.

Year 9 Day 170
  • Personal Menu moved to the right-hand side.

Year 9 Day 52
  • Features:
    • "Go to Listing" box added above the advertisement. By entering a listingID, you can go directly to that listing.

Year 9 Day 38
  • Features:
    • NPCs now have a fold-out menu for the subtypes.

Year 9 Day 35
  • Features:
    • All Entities have their Data infofields re-enabled.

Year 9 Day 34
  • Features:
    • 3 more skins to chose from (CSS, Mining, Database).

Year 9 Day 25
  • Features:
    • Entity Data is available again for Ships.
    • Layout changed slightly: Entity Data and Price Data is now always available next to the entity in the listing overview.

Year 9 Day 1
  • Bugfixes:
    • On New Year's Eve, the date will now show correctly and not as day 0 of the following year.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed people to buy an already bought listing.

Year 8 Day 362
  • Changed "New Listings" page to show listings added within the last 24 hours.

Year 8 Day 356
  • Fixed a bug preventing high-priced listings from being posted.
  • Fixed a bug counting removed feedback to the trade statistics.

Year 8 Day 353
  • Added "New Listings" page, which shows all listings added since your last login (> 1 hour).

Year 8 Day 348
  • Added an event when you are outbid in an auction.
  • Added "First" and "Last" navigation links for regular listing browsing.
  • Minimum Increments are now enforced.

Year 8 Day 338
  • Rules upaded to disallow listing entities with a 0 credit (or other ridiculous) price.
  • Add Listing script added to enforce above rule.

Year 8 Day 337
  • Addition of the changelog (this page).
  • Update to the trading stats system to reduce server load.
    • mouseover stats are now loaded using ajax.
    • profile view now only shows the last 40 feedbacks of each type (positive/neutral/negative).

Before Year 8 Day 337
  • Redesign of the Centrepoint Marketplace.
  • Multi-entity listings.
  • New system to calculate trading value.
    • only listings with positive feedback for you are now counted.
  • Change of faction account system.
    • Faction accounts can not be used to log in anymore.
    • Faction leader has administrative access to the faction account and can give other users access to the account.
    • Users with access to a faction account can select whether to buy/sell for the faction or for themselves.
  • Tips for new and existing features are displayed on top of most pages.
  • Updates to the administrative menu.
  • Addition of universal thieves/middlemen lists.
  • Addition of basic FAQ.


I would like to thank the follownig people for their donations.

  • Ashura Harma
  • Sol Mazer
  • Zimbabwe Suluclac
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