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Greetings, Guest Current Nova Crystal exchange rate: 200,315 : 1 Year 18 Day 178, 20:06:47 CGT
Katunda, Nelona 32
Togan and job posting: This is a reminder that Togan Jano is MIA, so please direct Centrepoint Space Station questions directly to Guybrush Threepwood. If you need help with Centrepoint Marketplace, please contact Guybrush Threepwood or Kerri Manchester.

Ardenian Drive Yards is expanding well, we are looking for some people interested in honest work. Please send a message to Henryetta Rico if you are interested!
Year 11 Day 232
  • Introduction of the Value Variation feature for testing purposes. Special Thanks to Lilith Delcroix for the images!

Year 10 Day 200
  • Desctiption updates now correctly display linebreaks.

Year 9 Day 285
  • User's listings now have Sale/Auction/Silent Auction[/Production Listing] filters.

Year 9 Day 256
  • Added more information to profile pages of users on the thieves/scammers list.

Year 9 Day 249
  • Facilities display an icon in their information box if they produce income.

Year 9 Day 240
  • Listings now show how many users have it on their watchlist.
  • Fixed an error where your feedback % wasn't shown correctly in the right-hand menu (thanks to Todor Ginchev).

Year 9 Day 239
  • Added watchlist images (thanks to Azarin Isard).

Year 9 Day 228
  • Watching listings is now implemented. You can currently watch up to 20 listings (will be changeable in the future).

Year 9 Day 225
  • Moved "Add Listing" link to the right-hand personal menu.

Year 9 Day 224
  • Implemenation of ToTos, the Centrepoint Marketplace's reward programme. At this time, only one way to earn them is implemented: leaving feedback.
  • Personal Stats block added to left-hand menu.

Year 9 Day 191
  • Feedbacks on profile pages are now linking to the listing they relate to.

Year 9 Day 172
  • Production Listings:
    • Available only to faction accounts.
    • Allows factions to create one listing that automatically relists itself up to 99 times.
    • Allows buyers to buy the same listing multiple times at once.
    • Users with "Can Sell" access to the faction account can renew the listing when or before it has run out of stock.
  • Special thanks to Ryan Roche for creating the "Production Listing" and "Recently Sold" icons.

Year 9 Day 170
  • Personal Menu moved to the right-hand side.

Year 9 Day 52
  • Features:
    • "Go to Listing" box added above the advertisement. By entering a listingID, you can go directly to that listing.

Year 9 Day 38
  • Features:
    • NPCs now have a fold-out menu for the subtypes.

Year 9 Day 35
  • Features:
    • All Entities have their Data infofields re-enabled.

Year 9 Day 34
  • Features:
    • 3 more skins to chose from (CSS, Mining, Database).

Year 9 Day 25
  • Features:
    • Entity Data is available again for Ships.
    • Layout changed slightly: Entity Data and Price Data is now always available next to the entity in the listing overview.

Year 9 Day 1
  • Bugfixes:
    • On New Year's Eve, the date will now show correctly and not as day 0 of the following year.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed people to buy an already bought listing.

Year 8 Day 362
  • Changed "New Listings" page to show listings added within the last 24 hours.

Year 8 Day 356
  • Fixed a bug preventing high-priced listings from being posted.
  • Fixed a bug counting removed feedback to the trade statistics.

Year 8 Day 353
  • Added "New Listings" page, which shows all listings added since your last login (> 1 hour).

Year 8 Day 348
  • Added an event when you are outbid in an auction.
  • Added "First" and "Last" navigation links for regular listing browsing.
  • Minimum Increments are now enforced.

Year 8 Day 338
  • Rules upaded to disallow listing entities with a 0 credit (or other ridiculous) price.
  • Add Listing script added to enforce above rule.

Year 8 Day 337
  • Addition of the changelog (this page).
  • Update to the trading stats system to reduce server load.
    • mouseover stats are now loaded using ajax.
    • profile view now only shows the last 40 feedbacks of each type (positive/neutral/negative).

Before Year 8 Day 337
  • Redesign of the Centrepoint Marketplace.
  • Multi-entity listings.
  • New system to calculate trading value.
    • only listings with positive feedback for you are now counted.
  • Change of faction account system.
    • Faction accounts can not be used to log in anymore.
    • Faction leader has administrative access to the faction account and can give other users access to the account.
    • Users with access to a faction account can select whether to buy/sell for the faction or for themselves.
  • Tips for new and existing features are displayed on top of most pages.
  • Updates to the administrative menu.
  • Addition of universal thieves/middlemen lists.
  • Addition of basic FAQ.


I would like to thank the follownig people for their donations.

  • Ashura Harma
  • Sol Mazer
  • Zimbabwe Suluclac
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