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Greetings, Guest Current Nova Crystal exchange rate: 200,315 : 1 Year 18 Day 178, 20:07:41 CGT
Katunda, Nelona 32
Togan and job posting: This is a reminder that Togan Jano is MIA, so please direct Centrepoint Space Station questions directly to Guybrush Threepwood. If you need help with Centrepoint Marketplace, please contact Guybrush Threepwood or Kerri Manchester.

Ardenian Drive Yards is expanding well, we are looking for some people interested in honest work. Please send a message to Henryetta Rico if you are interested!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Login Questions | General Questions | Personal Account Questions | Faction Account Questions | Listing Questions | Subscription Questions | ToTo Questions | Advertising Questions | Penalty and Ban Questions

Login Questions
  • I have forgotten my password
  • I can't get a new password since I have forgotten which email address I used to sign up.
  • I can't login (Error: You specified an incorrect handle or password.)
  • I enter handle and password correctly, but I still can't log in

General Questions
  • Why don't my buys/sales count to my trade value?
  • Why don't the listings/menus/tables line up correctly?
  • Why am I on the thieves list?
  • Why isn't all my feedback shown?
  • I cannot register. It keeps telling me that I am banned or dead.

Personal Account Questions
  • I have not received my password after registering. What should I do?
  • What is my handle for the Centrepoint Marketplace?
  • I have received a penalty, can that penalty be removed?

Faction Account Questions
  • How does faction account access work?
  • How do I buy a listing for my faction?
  • How do I get access to my faction's account?

Listing Questions
  • How can I add an auction?
  • How can I turn off the anti-sniping feature?
  • How can I add location informatin to my listing?

Subscription Questions
  • What are Subscriptions?
  • How do I buy a Subscription?

ToTo Questions
  • What are ToTos?
  • What can I do with ToTos?
  • How can I buy ToTos?

Advertising Questions
  • What advertising options are there?
  • How do I advertise in the right-hand menu?
  • How do I advertise in the sponsoring ads?

Penalty and Ban Questions
  • My ban time is over, when will I be unbanned?
  • Does the penalty system remove previous rules on banning?

Centrepoint Space Station
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