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§ 1. Accounts

  1. Every character and every organisation is only allowed a single account. You have to be leader to sign up for an account for your organisation.
  2. You may not give access to your account to anyone else (this should be general knowledge)!
  3. Dead characters may no longer use their account to buy/sell. You can still use your account to look at listing, however you may not actively participate. Failure to comply will result in your new character's account being temporarily banned.
  4. Former dead characters have to be reported at the time of recreation. Their accounts will be banned. Notice of death will be kept strictly confidential and is not available to the public.

§ 2. Uniqueness of Listings

  1. You may only have one listing for each item (meaning only one sale or auction for the same ship/vehicle/etc.) on this market.
  2. You may not list your item on a different market as long as it is listed here.
  3. You may also not sell your listing outside this market as long as it is listed (this goes especially for auctions).

§ 3. Seriousness of Listings

  1. Your listing must be serious. Adding a listing like "YT-1300 900m" or trying to sell an SSD (except if you actually are the Emperor of the Galactic Empire) will be deleted on sight.
  2. All offered entities have to be listed.
  3. All individual entities need actual prices. If you sell a package of different entities, you cannot add one (or more) with a price of 0 credits(or another equally ridiculous price).
  4. Service listings need a definite description, allowing users to correctly identify the service offered.
  5. Listings have to actually sell something, whether that be information, services or entities. (I hate to add this rule, but apparently it's necessary)
  • Intentionally omitting information that would otherwise lower the value of the entity being sold, while not against the rules, will likely result in negative feedback by the buyer!

§ 4. Bindingness of Listings/Bids/Offers/Buys

  1. All listings/bids/offers/buys are binding. Bidding/Offering for the purpose of driving up the price or manipulating the Price Database are illegal and will be punished.
  2. Errors made in the creation of a listing are the sole responsibility of the seller!
  3. Bidding/buying without the intention to actuall complete the deal is illegal and will be punished.
  4. Closing a listing before it is automatically closed by the market is invalid. Auctions are open to new bids as long as people have the ability to bid. Stating that your listing is already "closed" can not prevent new bids and might only result in negative feedback on your reputation.
  5. "Reserving" a listing for a certain user is not possible. If you list a listing, anyone is eligible to buy/bid. As seller, you are obliged to sell the item(s) in question to the buyer.

§ 5. Feedback

Feedback may only concern the listing it was given to. . Additionally, feedback needs to have the correct feedback type (positive/neutral/negative). .

§ 6. Payment

  1. Users and Factions can optionally accept Nova Crystals as payment. They can indicate this by changing the appropriate field in the account profile.
  2. Nova Crystals have a variable exchange rate (displayed at the top of each page), the exchange rate at the end of the listing will be used, decimal Nova Crystal values will be rounded, the minimum is 1 Nova Crystal.
  3. Accepting Nova Crystals is an option. Credits must always be a means of payment for the listing. You can not refuse to accept credits as payment!

§ 7. Breaking the Rules

  • Users breaking CPM rules will receive penalties. The first penalty is a simple warning (indicated by a "yellow card" next to your handle at the top of the page). Further penalties result in automated bans according to the following forumla:
    ban time = (# of penalties - 1) * 7 days

Centrepoint reserves the right to discontinue this service for specific or all users or change these rules without prior notice.

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