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Greetings, Guest Current Nova Crystal exchange rate: 200,315 : 1 Year 18 Day 265, 17:24:33 CGT
Datunda, Yelona 9
Reminder!!: This is a reminder that Togan Jano is still MIA, so please direct Centrepoint Space Station questions directly to Guybrush Threepwood. If you need help with Centrepoint Marketplace, please contact Guybrush Threepwood or Kerri Manchester.

Please, don`t use Togan at your listings as your middle of choice at the moment, cause the deal could not be finished while he`s absent. We don`t know when he will return!
So, please use another more active middleman (f.E. from here: http://market.centrepointstation.com/stats.php?show=middles)!
G.Threepwood (CSS)
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