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Greetings, Guest Current Nova Crystal exchange rate: 200,315 : 1 Year 19 Day 14, 14:02:10 CGT
Satunda, Elona 13
Login-Problems at CPM: Hi!
While we`re working on the login-problems at our market, please use this way for entering the Centrepoint Market:
Set a CPM Bookmark on the CPM-website, then login, then hit the CPM Bookmark again after receiving the error message and normally you should get the access then.
Traders Online

Traders Online


10 Newest Traders

Scarus Claudius
Devon Uchiha Ruhl
Acheron Raines
Katalina Shae
Egilhad Amory
Akil Bahs
Larnest Kahn
Davmi Sthar
Sion Zhol
Fleuf Naze
Centrepoint Space Station
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